Cooling 101


• Belt Driven Fans should be close to a 1/3" into the shroud for maximum cooling effect

• Ideally the Fan will have a clearance of at least 1” from the radiator core for safety 
  (See Illustration Below)

• Flex fans have a 10-15HP loss, Rigid Race Fans have a 15-20HP loss and Fan Clutch Fans have a 20-25HP loss

• All Belt Driven Fan styles of the same size pull roughly the same airflow at idle and change more as RPM’s increase

• For a 3/4" pilot, you need to use at least a 1” spacer which will have a removable bushing on the inside to accept the larger pilot

• Spacers generally should not be longer than 3” max as it becomes too long to maintain safety during rotational forces…. NEVER STACK SPACERS

• Fans Cannot be modified at all, it will affect the structural integrity of the unit and void all warranty

• Degrees of pitch is a more accurate way to measure the angle of blade, rather than inches of pitch

• Standing looking at the front of the motor, turning clockwise is standard rotation and counterclockwise is reverse rotation

• Round rivet heads on a properly installed Belt Driven Fan will always point towards the radiator

• Spacers Cannot be used on a Fan Clutch Fan application




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