Fans and Coolers

By Kevin Shaw, posted on Nov 9, 2011 - Rod Authority

When your product is used to keep end-of-the-outermost-fray-of-performance machines like “Blowfish” and “Gravedigger” running cool and together, you’ve really got something to say. We walked into Derale’s booth at this year’s SEMA knowing that these guys knew how to build some seriously tough stuff. Sure, while you might not be setting Bonneville speed records in a custom-built second-generation Plymouth Barracuda or demolishing decommissioned school buses in a sports arena, it never hurts to have the toughest fans and coolers you can get your hands on.

Fans and Coolers 1

Derale had a huge array of electric fans and transmission/oil coolers on display. Their High-Output single or dual RAD fans are characterized by their maximum performance and whisper-quiet “skewed blade” design. And like their transmission coolers, the Derale fans are dust and waterproof. Hard to believe? Yeah, we kinda doubted it too until we saw their display.

Fans and Coolers 2

One of Derale’s Hyper-Cool Extreme coolers was mounted inside of an aquarium, half-way up in water. Every couple of minutes, the fan would kick on, churning the glass box into a frothing maelstrom. After a few seconds, the timer would shut off and the fan would spool down. Not only did this show how element-proof the fans were, but how wildly powerful they were.

Fans and Coolers 3

Since Derale’s fans are designed from the beginning to take a serious beating, all of their adjoining hardware is equally stout. From the brackets to the shrouds that are made from clear anodized aluminum, the variety of cooler and fan sizes and applications, and available -6, -8 and -10AN fittings, the Derale fans and coolers are guaranteed to help you and your ride keep their cool.

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