Part Number 16109

9" High Output Curved Blade IP68 Electric Puller Fan


A 9 11/16" Diameter version of our high performance H.O. Extreme series of electric fans, this powerful unit uses 10 thin, curved blades to provide a low profile (only 2" at widest point) for limited space applications. Using a sealed IP68 certified waterproof & dustproof motor that lasts up to 3 times longer than normal electric fan motors, this puller fan is designed to provide maximum performance at high static pressure loads. Mounting kit and installation instructions included.

  • Primary cooling fan eliminates fuel and horsepower robbing belt driven fans
  • 10 thin curved blades allow ultra low profile design for limited space applications
  • Designed for maximum performance at high static pressure loads for more effective cooling.
  • Long lasting, sealed IP68 certified waterproof & dustproof motor
  • 625 CFM
  • Includes mounting kit and illustrated installation instructions
  • Puller only (engine side)

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