Part Number 13021

180°F In-Line Remote Cooler Fan Control Thermostat, -6AN


With a 180°F preset turn-on, 165°F turn-off, this -6AN x -6AN fluid control thermostat engages the fan on any remote cooler electric fan so that it comes on only when needed. Brass hose barb fittings included in kit. Maximum 15 amp capacity.

  • Tread size: -6AN male x -6AN female
  • Fitting size: 3/8" barb
  • Turn-on temp: 180° F
  • Turn-off temp: 165° F
  • Maximum amperage capacity: 15 amps
  • 180°F preset turn-on temperature
  • Turn-off temperature is preset at 165°F
  • -6AN Inlets
  • Brass hose 3/8" barb fittings included
  • Rated at maximum 15 amp continuous draw

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